• In this weekly article we talk about the accomplishments of our business in leveraging Thumbtack to generate new customers.

    Sky Investigations has been awarded Best of 2016 by Thumbtack

    We are excited to announce that Sky Investigations has been the recent recipient of the Best of Thumbtack 2016 award for providing top-notch services to Thumbtack users seeking Private Investigation services through their website.  Thumbtack has a feedback system that allows users to send feedback based on the level of service provided by service vendors who bid on jobs.  We are currently ranked 3rd as far as feedback rating is concerned for all Private Investigator offerings in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area.  The drive and determination of our field investigators and staff has helped in our success; so, we owe our success to both our customers and staff!

    To everyone who has supported our business through clicking share or like on social media as well as just being encouraging thank you!  Being ranked 3rd in their feedback system in the very short time we have been in business is exciting times for everyone here at Sky Investigations LLC.

    Private Investigator Recipe for Success

    1. Be honest and open-minded to the point of even trying to talk yourself out of a job with a customer.  If a Private Investigator is not a good fit during the intake process we make the determination whether or not we can provide a successful resolution to your issue without having a ridiculous cost associated burden.Actual physical address of an individual can sometimes be recovered using Facebook
    2. Educate customers on the Private Investigator process and procedures.  Often times this will be the first time a consumer is hiring a Private Investigator.
    3. Professionalism when working with clients is paramount to us and we realize perception in business is reality.  Our perception is our currency and this is why we are very adamant about having a strong feedback presence especially in an extremely competitive service sector of Private Investigations.
    4. Familiarize with the area a field surveillance will be conducted.  This involves a scouting of the area before the investigation begins.
    5. Remaining in a state of kaizen.  Kaizen is a Japanese word that means constant improvement.  We are consistently looking for new ways to improve our business model.
    6. Having the most state of the art equipment.  Our staff has a vast background in Information Technology so in other words we are geeks that like cool gadgets and gizmos that provide our Field Investigators leverage when conducting a surveillance.


    We are excited to be the recipient of the Best of Thumbtack 2016 award as well as what the future holds for us as we strive for continued success in the service space of Private Investigations.  We are a Private Investigations Firm based out of Plano serving the entire State of Texas.  Find us on Google, Thumbtack, Yelp, and various other places on the Internet!