• Private Investigation

  • For Lawyers & Law Firms

    If you own your own law practice or are an active practicing lawyer then you truly understand how paramount evidence is in the court of law. Let us conduct your Texas Private Investigation and provide you with the evidence you need to win your case.

    Unsolved Crime & Cold Cases

    Is your law enforcement staff overwhelmed with the amount of unsolved cases?  We would be glad to help if there is anything that can be outsourced then give us a call.

    Private Security

    So you think you may have a stalker?  Let us find out if someone is compromising your privacy so you can have peace of mind.  Your privacy is our top priority in these kinds of situations.

    Financial Fraud

    Have you ever heard of Enron?  Financial fraud can be the demise of any company.  We have top notch experts that have worked circumventing fraud for some of the largest companies in the world.  Don't let your company become the next Enron.

    Identity Theft

    Pay your bills on time and all of a sudden you are finding out you are getting denied for a line of credit?  There is a likelihood that your identity could be compromised.  Don't let this happen to you and have us solve the problem before this headache turns in to a migraine.

    Criminal Background Check

    We will uncover the truth about anyone.  If someone has a criminal background we have access to the best public and proprietary databases in the world garnering information on people.  The only individuals allowed access to the sensitive information that we are allowed to delve into are law enforcement and private investigators.  The credentialing process to be able to pull reports from these databases is very extensive including physical site visits from an actual compliance reporter.