• Locate People

  • Find a Missing Person

    Whether it is a missing child, loved one, friend, or someone that owes you money we are professionals at tracking people down.  Finding a missing person can be a rewarding endeavor.  Allow us to find a missing person for you are looking for today!

    Find Runaways

    It is not uncommon for young adolescence to up and run away after a disagreement from a parent.  Let us find your child and don't hesitate on this because in these cases time is of essence.

    Find Friends & Family

    Wanting to reunite with a good high school friend or needing to find a family member that no one has heard from for a while?  Sky Investigations is here for you!  We have found lost persons that were missing for over 10 years!

    Find Lost Loves

    Reuniting loved ones is important to us!  This is definitely one of the more rewarding things to do in our field.  We are very passionate in finding missing people and bring people closer together.  Your lost loved one is only a phone call away!