• Insurance Investigation

  • Private Mortgage Insurance Fraud

    When you are talking anything mortgage there is typically large quantities of money involved. Don't let your client collect what they are not entitled to by cheating the system. Hire us as your Texas Insurance Investigator today!

    Workers Compensation Fraud

    So you think a worker could be the boy who cried wolf? Workers compensation fraud cost employers millions of dollars annually. Don't let these employees take advantage of you by their sheer greed and laziness call us today and start your free consultation!

    Texas Insurance Investigator - Life Insurance Fraud

    You have a suspicion that a client's death was not accidental? Let us find out the truth so you are not paying out large amounts of money for someone else's greed and deception. These matters are very serious especially in cases that shed light on a potential murder plot.

    Health Care Insurance Fraud

    Whether there is billing for services never rendered or misrepresentation of dates of service let us find out if you are being compromised in a Health Insurance Fraud scheme. Usually with rising cost there comes rising fraud. Don't allow your company to become victim call us today!

    Automobile Insurance Fraud

    You feel a client may be in the act of vehicle dumping, over-exaggerating repair cost, or claiming they had a faulty windshield replacement. We want to help so give us a call to have the evidence you need to put a stop to these fraudsters.

    Property Insurance Fraud

    So you feel that property from a residence really isn't missing as claimed. We want to make sure you as our client that your assets are secured and you are not being taken advantage. Allow us to put an end to these scams and give you the peace of mind you deserve.