• Corporate Investigation

  • Interview & Interrogation

    Having being trained by a former CIA Intelligence Officer in interviews and interrogations we have you covered. If you think an employee is up to no good let us do an in-depth investigation coupled with a one on one interview to uncover any hidden truths. As your Texas Corporate Investigator we are confident that you will be presented with top-notch service!

    Fraud Investigation

    Fraud can destroy a company especially at the corporate level. Don't let the corporation you represent become the next Enron and be the front page of tomorrows newspaper. We are members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and know many of the tricks fraudsters try to pull to syphon money from big corporations. One of our company founders has had experience working with some of the largest corporations in the world. Having worked and escalated security incidents that help mitigate risk and fraud at these major corporations allow us to use the best defense against fraud we believe is prevention and stopping fraud before it starts. If your counter measures currently in place are compromised we can get to the bottom of the incident through an in-depth investigation to prevent future ongoing damages to your company.

    Corporate Surveillance

    We can work for you in an undercover operation! Undercover surveillance is often times one of the best counter measures against employees committing fraud or just simply doing something they are not suppose to.

    Employee Background Check

    We have the best of the best in background screening available today. The level of access we have to exclusive databases is paramount; so, when you order a background check from Sky Investigations LLC rest assured you are only getting the best possible background check available.