• Domestic Investigation

  • Cheating Spouse

    So you have that gut feeling your spouse is cheating on you? Well, you know the sane follow your instincts. This is actually the most common practice for private investigators and consumes at least 75% of our actual workload. Proof is key in these situations and our goal is to provide you with just that!


    Don't let your spouse compromise your relationships fidelity behind your back. Once this happens it is infidelity and we take these matters very serious. With our well trained and experienced investigators let us uncover the truth.

    Background Checks

    We have the most comprehensive background investigations that are available today in the field of private investigation.  We have access to the best databases in the world that only law enforcement and private investigators can have direct access to this level of sensitive data.  The credentialing process involves site visits and rigorous screening to obtain the level of information we have access to.

    Texas Domestic Investigation - Child Custody

    We understand how sensitive the matter of child custody can be. Evidence in these situations often time can make or break child custody disputes in court. Let us help you be able to provide the evidence you need to gain the upper hand in your child custody case hire us for your Texas Domestic Investigation today!


    This is what we do we have the state of the art equipment to allow us to run surveillance without being noticed. This is the goal of any field surveillance to gain you our client the money shot. We use everything from covert cameras to hidden recording devices. We use most any means within the law to provide you with concrete evidence.


    If your husband or wife is a deadbeat lets prove this for you and provide you with as much ammunition in the courtroom as possible. Divorce investigation can prove very beneficial for the client when settling an estate.

    Home Security Surveys

    We are experienced in home security assessments. Make sure your family is protected. We can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of potential security gaps in your home security setup.