• Bug Sweeps

  • Electric Surveillance

    One of the main tools for most professions is technology this is no different for a Bug Sweep Technician.  We have the best surveillance devices on the market today allowing us to perform even the most sophisticated of private investigations.  In our up and coming weekly blog we will

    Hidden Camera Detection & Tapped Phones

    With our low frequency scanning technology we can find the smallest of covert devices.  If there is a hidden camera compromising your security it is likely we can pinpoint where the device is hidden.

    Ethical Hacking

    The founder of our company has over 20 years of Computer Security experience and is a Certified Ethical Hacker.  If you feel that your business network could fall prey to hackers then give us a call and our skilled penetration testers will harden your network so your data does not fall into the wrong hands.  We all have often heard the sane the best defense is a good offense.  This definitely holds true in areas of Information Security.  We understand and know the ways a hacker will use to penetrate a network and can circumvent these countermeasures allowing you to have peace of mind that your data won't end up in the wrong hands.

    Computer Forensics

    We have cutting edge forensic technology to run ediscovery on hard disk and other storage media.  Whether you have lost important files that need recovering or need a full ediscovery report ran on a system we can help!  Deleted files are no match for us what people often forget is more times often than not the data still exist on the hard drive.  Often times though recovery is a time sensitive manner especially when a hard drive is in current use.