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    I had this gut feeling my husband was cheating. I chose to hire Sky Investigations because upon visiting their site I compared their site to others in the area and after the phone consultation I felt very comfortable moving forward and hiring them for business. They were able to provide me with definitive proof that my husband was cheating. They come highly recommended!

    Gloria S - Plano, TX

  • I had been looking for my son for over 10 years and was unable to track him down. Thanks to the research that was done on my behalf I was able to be reunited with my son. Thanks you Sky Investigations!

    David W

  • I wish I had known about this company sooner than later. I had hired another private investigation company prior to hiring Sky Investigations and this company was very unprofessional and not able to delivered as they had promised. Sky Investigations was able to use their state of the art counter-intelligence equipment to find out an associate of mine had been eaves dropping on me.

    Justin S - Arlington, TX

  • I hired Sky Investigations to do a background investigation on behalf of my son because I had suspicions that his wife had a checked past that she hid during their marriage. The background was very precise and opened up the door on many unknown truths about her.

    Linda S - Sherman, Texas

  • I was afraid my businesses security infrastructure was not up to industry standards and Sky Investigations confirmed my intuition. I can now sleep better at night knowing my physical as well as information and data for my business are more secure.

    Matt L - Plano, TX