• Below outlines just a few tips and tricks of commonly mentioned things to confirmed cheaters.  This list is a solid indicator of signs of a cheating spouse

    Signs of a Cheating Spouse

    1. The first thing to look for is changes in behavior or schedule these small deviations to a normal schedule are a first clue.
    2. One of the most common signs of a cheating spouse is them being overly protective of their cell phone. This one is huge because it is often an indicator of hiding something.
    3. Is your spouse or loved one more concerned suddenly about their looks or appearance
    4. There more arguments in your relationship and the arguments more frequent
    5. They are spending more time away from home not just work but out with friends more.
    6. Random phone calls where they look for a safe haven away from the house or more importantly away from you.
    7. Are they telling little white lies like having run to the store but you find but they are actually at the gym.
    8. For men taking Viagra or for women all of a sudden have they started taking birth control
    9. You smell perfume or cologne depending if cheating spouse is a man or woman
    10. We have covered cell phone, but really any electronic device they are being overly protective of computer, tablet, or other device for that matter.
    11. You find they are hiding a spare change of clothes in the car.
    12. Credit card receipts that were for buying gifts.
    13. You are having far less sex or intimacy in your relationship.
    14. When you are intimate or having sex have they learned some new tricks.
    15. Is there reluctance of intimacy or poor excuses for their behavior to be reluctant.
    16. He/she is just a friend
    17. I am just not in the mood lately
    18. I just need space
    19. Its not you its me
    20. Please respect my privacy

    Common Things a Cheating Spouse May Say


    In closing I would like to say remember that if your mate is cheating it is not the end of the world. Divorce may not be the final solution there may be hope of you working out your relationship. If you can work it out with your spouse then I encourage you to try. I do recommend hiring a Private Investigator for evidence before accusing your significant other of any wrong doing. Also hire local to your area so you know they are familiar with the area.  There are many signs of a cheating spouse usually most of our clients that call already know the answer and are just wanting the proof.  Always follow your gut instinct, but don't go all accusatory on your significant other get proof and hire a private investigator.