• The article below outlines how a Private Investigator can use Facebook Skip Tracing as a tactic to locate assets and people.

    Facebook Skip Tracing 101

    Everyone knows that Facebook is that social media outlet that owns your life and sucks countless hours out of your day just to find out what someone is up to.  Yes, it is a way to meddle into someones life.  Personally, I think Mark Zuckerburg should have called it Lifebook, but I am no Zuck so it will forever remain Facebook.  With Facebook I have always looked at it as just that a way to be nosey that is until I started a Private Investigation business in the great State of Texas .  Facebook Skip Tracing can be leveraged to find missing person, find assets, and yes all the while its still useful for being nosey.

    While Facebook seems to reign king of the social media craze that still is going strong on the Internet today it also compromises a level of security for individuals.  I know what your thinking well I have all the built-in security measures that Mr. Mark Zuckerburg and company gave me that I can hide my sensitive data from preying eyes.  That doesn't matter because your girlfriend is still going to take pictures of your Friday night dinner at Texas Roadhouse and post pictures of her entree because it is just what girls do.  Ok, I won't just pick on girls guys do it too!  Ever hear of law enforcement getting leads of drug dealers taking snapshots of their large amounts of cash while being unemployed?  Everyone wants to share their life and Facebook gives all of us an avenue to continue doing just that.

    I can keep going on and on here with different scenarios of what people post that will compromise location or display what new shiny possession they just bought, but that would be outright boring the goal of my blog is to be educational.  Ok I'm lying, but at least I am nice enough to compile my thoughts in a nice organized list for you below.

    Facebook Skip Tracing for Private Investigators

    1. Actual physical address of an individual can sometimes be recovered using Facebook
    2. Someones associates who they hang out with
    3. Their family members
    4. People post their phone numbers
    5. The new clothes they are buying while shopping at the mall.
    6. Their steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse while eating if you are fast you can get to Texas Roadhouse before they finish desert.
    7. The party they are going to that night.
    8. Who they are hanging out with.
    9. What bar or nightclub they are at while getting drunk and letting their security guard down.
    10. Future vacation plans


    Facebook Skip Tracing can prove to be a valuable tool in the private investigator toolbox.  It is human nature to brag or be proud of something then post it to show it off.  Facebook is the soundboard of the 21st century and isn't losing momentum anytime soon.  Whether you are working a missing asset or missing person case come back and comment below we would love to hear of a cool Facebook Skip Tracing adventure and how your investigation benefited from leveraging Facebook Skip Tracing.