• How to Start a Private Investigation Business in Texas

    January 1, 2016 | Blog howto
  • This blog outlines how to start a Private Investigation Business in Texas.

    This is my first blog post of a weekly blog so be kind on comments please it has been almost a decade since I took technical writing in college. First, I would like to tell a story of a wonderful woman with aspirations and dreams. Yes, I am speaking of my girlfriend this site nor would this business exist if she didn’t have a dream. I asked, “So what do you want to be when you grow up” She looked at me laughing and mentioned she wasn’t sure. Knowing how Google seems to have all the answers we began searching for career ideas. After rifling through several not so promising ideas she stumbled across Private Investigator. She and I both became excited at the idea of being a private spy. So the research began and my determination to see this dream come a reality became evident besides if I failed I was failing the love of my life. After months of digging for answer and putting the puzzle pieces together finally Sky Investigations, LLC came into existence as a family owned and operated business. Yes, everyone affiliated is family as my girlfriend and I decided family does come first so lets just hire within the family.

    Now that you have a background of the existence my goal is to keep this blog as educational as possible so you the reader will thirst for more. I will break this down into multiple steps leaving out specific information and estimates on cost; so, this is a general breakdown of the steps on how to start a Private Investigations business in Texas.

    The Steps on How to Start a Private Investigation Business in Texas

    1. You have to meet the minimum state requirements there are several and I won’t list specifics, but needless to say this is what keeps the ease of entry into the Private Investigations market quite difficult.
    2. Once you realize you would have an approved application with the state you have to submit roughly about $500 in total for application fees and a background check for the Owner/Managing Private Investigator. Each Private Investigation company in Texas has to have one Owner/Managing Private Investigator in order to operate.
    3. A lot of paperwork again there are many specific forms required by the Texas Private Security Bureau to be submitted for review by their licensing department.
    4. After processing you get a letter from the Texas Private Security Bureau they are who govern the entire process and grant or disallow your application.So your letter will be approved or denied hopefully at this stage approved because the fees for application are non-refundable so definitely do your due diligence.
    5. They will set aside a test that you have to pass. The test is over the Occupational Codes and Administrative Rules of Texas. Do study as most fail from what I researched.
    6. Once you receive a passed notification letter from the State of Texas the last step is to get insurance on the business and there is special Private Investigations company insurance that you have to carry on the business.
    7. After the state reviews proof of insurance then more waiting for your pocket card, the card you have to carry with you as an ID declaring you are a Private Investigator.


    If you made it past the gauntlet and got your pocket card then congrats you now are the new owner of a Private Investigations company in the great State of Texas. As always thanks for reading!