• F.A.Q.

    • Does someone have to have a PI license in order to perform Private Investigations in the State of Texas?

      Yes, It is required by the State of Texas to conduct Private Investigations one must hold a valid current license.

    • Will I obtain the evidence I need when I hire Sky Investigations LLC?

      If any Private Investigator guarantees that they will be successful in getting you the evidence you are looking for especially when involving a field investigation they are lying.  The success of any investigation depends largely on the information provided.  The who, what, when, where, why, and how will help aid us in the best odds in achieving a money shot during an investigation. 

    • Will I be provided with a detailed account of the investigation?

      We will provide the evidence of the investigation during and once the investigation is concluded.

    • Can I call frequently to get a detailed update of my investigation?

      No, this may seem harsh, but if the Owner/Managing Private Investigator continually calls the field investigator for an update it has been proven this can jeopardize an investigation.  An investigator needs to solely focus on the subject at all time otherwise they can miss important details as well as video footage.  At the end of an investigation a detailed report will be provided to the client.

    • Will a Sky Investigation investigator make arrest?

      If we are aiding in a criminal investigation or see criminal activity we will call law enforcement.  The safety of our investigators is very important to us and also our insurance doesn't cover injury if we pursed making arrest.