Texas Asset Recovery Agreement

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Private Investigator Information

Owner/Managing Private Investigator:  Richard Wayne

Name of Business:  Sky Investigations, LLC

Primary Phone:  469-770-0000

Secondary Phone:  469-498-2609

Private Investigator's License Number:  A19965

State Tax ID:  32057733373


This agreement is entered into by and between hereinafter referred to as "Claimant", and Sky Investigations, LLC hereinafter referred to as "Investigation Company".

The Investigation Company, through his/her efforts, has located claimant, who will be entitled to an asset in the amount disclosed above.  Investigation Company and Claimant do hereby agree that in consideration of Investigations Company’s efforts in locating Claimant and assisting in the actual recovery of the asset to which Claimant is entitled, Claimant hereby assigns to the Investigation Company a set fee of 10% of the amount disclosed above for expenses and services rendered, providing Claimant recovers the asset.  Claimant hereby grants the Investigation Company permission to act on behalf of the Claimant only in the effort to recover the asset in the amount disclosed above.  Investigation Company and Claimant agree that in the event Claimant is not entitled to the asset and such assets are not recovered, there is no obligation on either party to the other. This agreement is void unless executed by both parties.


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Signed by Richard Wayne
Signed On: May 5, 2021

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